Does anyone know in which areas Britain is putting flouride in the tap water? I’m in south London and I’d like to know whats in my tap water?? FLOURIDE is practically poisen! It destroys the pineal gland, it messes it up! :-O


  • Its been in America for decades, No one has died of it. It protects the enamel of the teeth, Other chemicals are added to insure the cleanliness of water, all of which are highly monitored by Government inspectors. It has been written of over and over in America that tap water is safer then bottled water bought at stores. All chemicals put in tap water are Parts per million and billion, a minute amount is ingested , but enough to keep us healthy, and bright ,strong teeth, means a healthy body.

  • I doubt they are putting enough flouride in the water to damage your pineal gland. I also doubt you know what the pineal gland does, you just like conspiracy theories and hate healthy teeth. The only possible adverse effect of flouride in drinking water is it can cause white streaks on children’s teeth.

  • It’s been in our water since the early 60’s-so that means I have been drinking it for over 40 years.
    I’d be more worried about little micro bugs that kill you.

  • I would be more worried about your thyroid if i were you.
    What you can do (and by the way this is seriously in the wrong place, though i do get the “third eye” thing) is to take some hydroxylapatite, which you can get from a mineral place, grind it up and deposit it in a jug into which you put your tap water. The fluoride will then bond with the apatite, which is identical to the mineral in teeth. A pestle and mortar won’t do it but a couple of grindstones made of granite will be fine. You’ll need to replace it from time to time.

    Alternately, you could get a distiller for water. I know a few people with these but can’t help with where to get them.

    Good luck. FWIW, i think they’re seriously misguided and naive to fluoridate water, but there are ways round it.

  • Fluoride, as in the needed substance to help your teeth from rotting like in third world countries? That’s a good thing. Too much is bad, but I’m pretty sure they did the math on it and are dosing correctly.

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