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Astral projection help! Fast heart beat and heavy breathing?

I completely relaxed and mentally stimulated my chakras. My body went numb and I began to ‘vibrate.’ My heart was really POUNDING really fast. My breathing was also dramatically increased, as if i had just ran a mile as fast as I could. From the perspective of an observer, I highly doubt that I appeared “asleep” or even remotely relaxed. However, I focused on not moving an inch of my body and quite frankly I felt numb and paralyzed. The only really motion was coming from my heavy breathing and heavily ‘pounding heart.’ Some say that this is actually the Heart Chakra in action. It feels so real though. With my eyes closed, I could have sworn that even my chair was rocking to the sides from the vibration. Are the ‘vibrations’ supposed to be physical? Or just internal? Because it felt like I was on a boat sailing in the ocean. I did, however, reach a point where my eyes were involuntarily fluttering under my closed eye lids. Was this the REM stage? What can I do to fully project? Is it dangerous that my heart pounds fast? Or is it all in my head (HEART CHAKRA)? Is it normal to breathe so heavily?


  • This all sounds about right. Breathing difficulty is more typical than breathing heavily, but either way it’s throat chakra activity – nothing I’d personally worry about. Fluttering eyes are what REM feels like when you’re not asleep, yes. It’s a bit annoying, but is a good sign as long as you can ignore it.

    The vibrations aren’t physical, but feel that way because they occur at level of non-physicality that’s compatible with the level of existence you’re bobbing around in at the time. By the time you’re feeling them, you’re already trivially out of body, you just haven’t changed position more than an inch or so. All you need to do from there is stop thinking about body parts so much (wrong operating mode!) and start thinking about zooming out of the room in a more abstract, flight-based way.

  • dude you need some help… You’re convinced yourself so much that you’re body is actually responding now… It’s like hysterical pregnancy (false pregnancy) there is no chakra, there’s been many tests looking for paranormal activity in humans. Stop doing this if you don’t want to go to crazy house.

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