I drive on interstates regularly that have 55 speed limits. I try to be within 60 however traffic flow is in 65 most of the time. Sometime I had to speed up as there were big trucks tailgating me. Things become worse in the work zone stretches with 45 speed limits. Most of the time there is no worker. Am I still supposed to drive in 45?

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  • Iwas speeding in aconstruction zone no workers present, normallly 55, but 35, Iwas only going fast for literally asecond and slowed way down to safe speed. Cop was so far away traveling opposite direction. I took safe driving course,have no tickets for 35 years and Yet Alabam DA wants jail time

  • Motorists are required to follow the posted speed limit in a construction zone. If no workers are present, motorists should still maintain the lowered posted speed.

    When traveling through work zones, remember the three L’s:

    * Look
    * Locate
    * Lower

  • Duh.

    You are supposed to travel at the posted speed limit. There’s a REASON for that! A lot of times, the road is unsafe in those areas. Would you prefer to flip your car and die in a one-car accident?

    The only ‘exception’ I can think of is the sign that says 25 mph WHEN CHILDREN ARE PRESENT.
    So when they are NOT present, the usual speed limit is in force.

  • Depends on the state, I know in Alabama you only have to drive the construction speed when workers are present but in a way the question is pointless because when do you ever see people doing what their actually suppose to

  • Regardless of whether or not there are people working or not, you are required by law to obey the posted speed limit.

    As for the trucks that are tailgating you, move over to the right lane, copy down the name and number of the company and let them know what their drivers are doing.

    As a Highway Patrol Officer for NYC, i routinely enforce posted speed limits @ work zones. I try to be as fair as possible and usually don’t write anyone for less than 30mph over the posted limit. Furthermore, if there aren’t any workers then I just change the subdivision and make it a regular speeding ticket as opposed to speeding in a work zone (double fine).

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