On October 1 2008 I was eating lunch alone and heard bells ringing.The sound was carried on the breeze.The nurse said it may be ringing in the ear but I know what I heard. Another person implied schizophrenia. Another suggested it may have a spiritual meaning.The bell sounded like a tolling[first impression] or an alarm during an emergency or danger.It happened around 1:00- 1:30 p.m. and it reminded me of my Catholic parochial and high school days when we said the Angelus.Anyone know what I am talking about? I suspect I was the subject of a table topic discussion later as a youth approached me and questioned me about the meaning behind someone hearing bells no one else heard. I had mentioned it to several staff members and a Guidance Counselor as well as the nurse. The Guidance Counselor admonished me to be prayer vigilant whenever I reported for work.But, he did not expound the idea or implication. Someone said that in some religions, bells are used to summon spirits.What do you think,especially since no one else claimed to have heard them? The ringing lasted at least five minutes so it could not be ignored.Recently I attended a church service and an ancient clock rang out the time with bells. It was the first time I had heard that clock.Any ideas about the spiritual meaning or implication?


  • I found this post because I was trying to see what my own case ment, but I haven’t found any direct answers (if anyone could help me out here I would fully appreciate it). Last night I stayed awake until very late, at exactly 4am I heard three bell chimes (they sounded like ones you would get on an old fashioned clock or in a church). My dad, who was awake said he heard nothing and there was no alarms set for 4am. My windows were shut and they sounded like they came from outside my door. This isn’t my first experience in this house, maybe I’m making something out of nothing?

  • My mother died December 27. On the 24th I sat by her bedside and I heard bells. My husband said he heard nothing. Since my 2 sisters and my Brother in law has heard them too. I would love to think it was an angel.

  • It’s not tinnitus I’m an Lon and if I were hearing ringing constantly I would say yes it’s tinnitus but I’m not I hear it only once in a while and it’s only one Bell at a time.

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