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real question.real answers i dont want anyone saying anything mean

Answer by Mr. Krinkle
There isn’t an answer I can give without the risk of being libelous.

But Julia Roberts is probably a witch.


  • Double post… As for many Sandler flicks, Mama Boucher (Kathy Bates) is actually racist calling Balk a witch, which she was perceived to be only by the Media and “Crazy christians” as she described them in an magasine interview once. Her Vicky Vallencourt character, being a gentile (Non Jewish female) i suppose it isn’t as racist as actually calling the actress herself a witch or a wannabe astrologist.

    Because one is interested in a spirituality or religion doesn’t make him/her a practicing devotee.

  • Fairuza Balk isn’t Wiccan, was never one to start with and doesn’t have Persian in her either. If she’s a true Roma, who knows? I wouldn’t disagree with her but her both parents are actually jewish. Her mother is a jewish gipsy and her father, which claims to be Romanian has changed his name. He was born David Scaff in Idaho and actually Traveled to the Mid East. He wasn’t from there initially.

    He is indeed a genius musician, played in a psychedelic rock band and speaks many languages. As for her mother, a master at bellydancing, speaks 3 or 4 different languages. If one of them is actually part Roma, i don’t know. I would agree with Fairuza and say yes since the Roma People have been part of Europe since the mid ages and the Holocaust (WW2) made a lot of Roma victims. They originate in India and were kind of forced out of everywhere they settled, tortured, a little like the Jewish people Roma suffered since the birth of their people.

    But Fairuza was clearly born Jewish. Many Romas converted to Judaïsm i’m sure since they tend to go hand in hand in terms of heritage, almost like a brother and a sister or like lovers. But One thing is for sure, Balk was never a Wiccan nor an astrologist (See The Waterboy) these are in fact racists statements made by the media and her co-workers about her. Singer Pink was in fact interested and drawn to study paganism at one time in her life and? She’s actually Jewish on her mother’s side.

  • I don’t know why people fear Wicca (craft of the wise). So much meagativity about an earth religion
    I came out of the closet about my beliefs in 1970 made front page headlines Today’s witch drives a white convertablr
    My religion haunted me in my careers especially when I became a police officer 15 years later
    People don’t understand about the religion and as a public access tv host I spent 5 years trying to educate Witches are good not bad!

  • Stevie Nicks has stated publicly many times that she is not witch and has tried many times to dispel the rumours.

    Fairuza Balk got interested in witchcraft after being in the Craft. According to her, she has always been drawn to magic, due to her Roma heritage. I don’t know that she was ever “Wiccan” per se. I never recall her calling herself that. Not everyone who believes in witchcraft or magic is a Wiccan or even a Pagan. Many Roma will claim they do not practice any magic and fortunetelling, but as she is one (half Roma and half Persian, I believe), I think we should take her word for it. And many others say they do. I myself, have some Roma blood, but I was not raised in the culture, so I can not speak to this subject accurately. She did own Panpipes for a while, but again, doesn’t make her “Wiccan”, because not all magickal people are Wiccans. Whether she has stopped practicing or not, I don’t know. Some say so. I haven’t heard her confirm this. You can hear some of her music on her website and on Youtube, and it definitely has Pagan elements to it. She has been quote as saying witchcraft is very sacred to her. It’s possible she started with Wicca and moved on to other things. That’s what I did. Wicca was my introduction to a spiritual path, but I then found things that resonated better for me. Perhaps, so has she.

    I highly doubt most of these other people are. I don’t know about the Godsmack person.

    Fiona Horne is indeed a Wiccan. Being a witch is what she is mostly famous FOR. She had a band called FX, but I don’t know that they were ever very well-known, at least outside of Australia. She writes books on Wicca and was in a reality show called Mad Mad House, which focused on the fact that she is a witch.

  • Stevie Nicks practices Strega and has talked about it in the past. She is NOT Wiccan. There are more singers who admit to being pagan than there are actors or actresses. Some admit to being Metaphysical or New Age followers. But I don’t know of any who admit to being practitioners of Witchcraft. They are too worried about their ‘star reputation’ and how that affects their income and potential controversy when a TV show or movie is released.

  • Sully Erna from Godsmack is a very open Wiccan and has trained with Laurie Cabot and the Cabot Tradition. If you see the video for “Voodoo” you’ll see Laurie and other Cabot members in it doing ritual as part of the video. He’s been practicing for many years and has always been very open about it.

    Cybil Sheppard isn’t Wiccan but has said in the past that she considers herself a Goddess worshiper.

    Fairuza Balk WAS Wiccan but is no longer (she also used to own Pan Pipes, an occult shop in LA but hasn’t been part of that store or the Pagan scene for quite some time…it was fashionable for her during the time of “The Craft”).

    Stevie Nicks has never called herself a Wiccan and she’s been labeled, mostly by other people, as a Witch for years, but today she considers herself “spiritual”. In the late 90s in many interviews that she did she was actively trying to get the rumors of her being a Witch to stop.

    Most recently though Heather Graham was running around last year claiming to be a Witch saying that she and her friends cast love spells on the roof of her house and that it was a spell that she cast that got her the role she had in The Hangover (frankly I think she’s a tart and is one of the last examples of Wicca or Witchcraft that we need…see video link below).

    I’m sure there are plenty of people in Hollywood and elsewhere that would be counted as “celebrities” that practicing Pagan faiths and keep it private (as it should be in their unique position) because it can greatly taint how they are perceived by the public and can impact their ability to get work.

    We definitely don’t need any celebrity endorsements. Whenever a celebrity does anything it’s under a microscope and if you had a celeb with issues (like someone that’s always getting arrested for DUIs or violent matters, etc) the first thing that happens when they have anything “quirky” in their lives, like a minority faith, that ends up being part of the problem according to the media. Madonna has been called crazy a number of times because of her practice of Kabbalah and that’s been one of the things that the media will point to when she does anything that is deemed weird. People will find their way to the Craft on their own and will be all the better for it that way (because if anyone is listening to Heather Graham thinking that if they go and “burn stuff” and just wish real hard for something and that’s “Witchcraft” then these aren’t people that need to come into our community).

  • uh yea look up the songs meanings of rihannas run this town.
    and jay-z songs beyonce-i am sasha fierce. all of em
    look the song meanings up and u.ll see the practice witch craft

  • sully erna the lead singer of godsmack is fairly open about his practice of witchcraft. i cant find anything right now because all the interviews i am remembering are old, but he has said on several occasions he does practice witchcraft. what particular branch of it im not sure

  • The following are supposed to be;
    Adain Newsome, Asun Ortega, Aubrey Adams, Avril Lavigne, Camille Paglia, Cybill Shepherd, Deborah Harry, Deidre Hall, Fairuza Balk, Fiona Horne, Flavia Vento, Gabriel Byrne, Gianna Patton, Natalie Blair, Nikolina, Olympia Dukakis, Patrick Stewart, Rachel Hunter, Rebecca H, Robert Plant, Sully Erna, Vigo Mortensen, Viktoria Skeeger

  • Stevie Nicks and Goldie Hawn have both been rumored to be wiccan.
    Stevie Nicks has said recently she isn’t wiccan, however I think she may be or has been interested in pagan/alternative religions in the past.

  • Stevie Nicks does not claim to be Wiccan. Whether she really practices witchcraft or not, I don’t know. She does portray having a good understanding of both practices and seems to be a very spiritual lady herself. So I would say she’s at least Wiccan/witch-friendly.

    Honestly, celebrities personal lives are over-exposed through the media as it is. There very well may be some who practice the religion and/or the craft, but someone who is truly spiritual isn’t a walking advertisement for their faith/spiritual practices. Because Wicca isn’t a religion that encourages its followers proselytize, there is no need for folks to be vocal about it with the general public. In reality, one’s spiritual business is their own….and heck, I know more about the personal lives of some celebrities than I care to as it is.

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