I don’t care if I die, I think they sound sexy. Lemme find one


  • You may choose to reconsider your comments after reading the following:

    The third type of true vampire is little known outside the circles of the Hermetic arts. It is a type of parasitic spirit that feeds upon the vital energy of human beings. These spirit vampires are known by various names. Often they adopt the opposite sex to their victim, since sexual energy is a highly concentrated food source, equivalent to sugar for the spiritual vampire. When these spirits do not assume human form they are called larvae. When they take on the form of a woman they are known as lamia or succubi. Male vampires of the spirit kind were sometimes called incubi or satyrs. They have many names in many cultures.

    These spirit vampires visit their victims in their beds during sleep, and enter their dreams, where they adopt pleasing forms. After their hold upon their unwitting hosts is certain, they drop the pretense of lovers and allow their natural forms to be perceived. Their natural features are distorted and grotesque, continually contorted with passions.

    Once the link is strong, the increasingly unwilling victim becomes obsessed with the spirit, and is able to feel, hear and see its presence during waking hours. The spiritual vampire haunts the presence of its victim, never leaving the victim’s side day or night. The result of this drawing forth of the life force is total exhaustion for the unhappy human host. Often this results in sickness and death, although this type of vampirization may continue for many years. Those who possess psychic perceptions can sometimes see the vampire spirit hovering close to its host like a dark shadow.

    Those who are afflicted by human psychic vampires can solve the problem simply by taking themselves far away from the influence of the vampire. This will prove difficult, since the vampire will sense that it is losing a source of nourishment, even if completely unaware of its true nature, and will exert all its considerable will power and guile to maintain a close connection with its hapless prey. The help and intervention of others is usually necessary to effect this complete break between the psychic vampire and its victim.

    Those suffering from the obsession of a spiritual vampire face a more subtle difficulty. Physical removal of the host from the spirit is impossible, since spirits are not bound by limitations of distance. It is necessary to erect occult wards and barriers in order to achieve this separation. Magical boundaries are created which the spirit vampire cannot pass; or it is imprisoned within a particular object such as a ring or medallion, or a tree, or in a specific place such as a stone or pond (depending on its elemental nature and its natural affinities). It is more difficult, but possible, to destroy the spirit vampire, but this drastic course of action is seldom necessary.

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  • They happen to be the one who happens to suck out your soul at the time of your death through sex.The male,the Succubus entered my dreams,made love to me and it felt like a bar of dry ice entered me.Very painful ordeal.

  • Succubi are not real. They were thought up by Renaissance theologians who were uncomfortable with the original idea of a gender switching demon (thought up by Thomas Aquinas) who would go back and forth between male and female to have heterosexual sex with humans.

  • First build a time machine go back to ancient Greece, get married to somebody who loves you to bits and be as unfaithful as possible, this is about the only way you shall meet a succubi who will steal your soul and damn you to an eternity of suffering for you misdeeds, still sound sexy?

    OR and this is just a thought, go and get a girlfriend who is into role play, do a search on the net for some succubi pictures and then get her some outfits and you two have fun in a slightly less harmful non eternal damnation environment ok?

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