I may have asked this before but i need a wider range of answers.

So the crystal healing im asking about is the one linked with auras, chakras, crystals etc. Where a crystal is placed in a certain area to perform certain tasks by using vibration and frequencies.

What i am asking here is that are Muslims (Sunni in particular please) allowed to perform crystal healing. Is it witchcraft, magic, related to paganism, the devil? Or is it totally allowed in Islam, and if so are there any examples of prophets wearing or performing crystal healing.

Does it not offend the religion but actually bring you closer, or does it send you astray by making you believe in other cultures.

I just needed to know and if you dont know the answer for Muslims then what about for Christians or any religions that believe in the one God, are followers of the belief in one God allowed to perform crystal healing? But it would be great if the answer was aimed at the Sunni Muslim denomination.

Thanks, and no unkind comments please. Links to websites would also be very helpful…


  • “Where a crystal is placed in a certain area to perform certain tasks by using vibration and frequencies.”

    This doesn’t sound like than anything that would be opposed to Islam, but if there are more details to the process that you might be able to label as “witchcraft, magic, related to paganism, the devil,” or denouncing God (or any other of the major tenets of the faith), then it would be forbidden.

    Edit: You would be much better off just going to a masjid to ask an Imam, don’t take my word for it, this is just my perspective from what you’ve read.


  • salam alikum
    hadeeth/ prophetic teaching:
    Allah swt / God Almighty [the Healer] has never sent an illness without sending the proper treatment / medication
    vibrations were used lately on damaged nerve [painfull spots] the machine is called TENSE
    we are supposed to look for and, expected to use the proper treatments

  • Use of Natural remedies is halal and recommended in Islam,Since it only brings benefits to our health. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) himself used and recommended natural remedies and cupping for good health.

    TBH I never heard about crystal healing b4, if you are talking about superstitious acts then in this case it’s haram.

  • Hi Shiver, When dealing with these sorts of phenoman it is forbidden in Islam. This is all considered the dark side. Someone who is very experienced in this (not just a gimmic) will be dealing with the world of the Jinn. The Jinn can convey certain truths, but Prophet Muhammad (saw) said that they are mixed with a 100 lies).

    Prophet Muhammad, told us that the only person who had control of the Jinn was Sulyaman (AS). Not even Prophet Muhamamd could control them but he managed to stop them from from controlling him in any way.

    A person that deals with this and believes in this effectively leaves Islam. Why? Because this is a violation in the area of Tawhid Al Asma Wa Siffat. People may hold some belief that they they can have some of the attributes of knowing things which can only be attributed to Allah.

    So, In Islam, we stay away from this sort of knowledge which is not beneficial.

    The following book is the best one I have come acrross regarding tawhid (it address many of the points that you mantioned above (around chapter 5 onwards). Why does Islam prohibit Majic, Astrology, divination, fortune telling etc etc.

    Here is a link to the pdf


  • I’m not sure why it matters if they’re “allowed to” or not — they can’t.
    And neither can anybody else.
    That’s simply because there’s no such thing as “crystal healing,” nor are there “auras” or “chakras.” No crystal placed anywhere will ever perform any task or healing by any vibration or frequencies. That’s not my opinion, and I’m not trying to be unkind, that’s just well-documented fact.

    From what I know, such practices are officially condemned by every Islamic sect — but not because of the vast evidence showing them to be nonsense, because they’re considered “evil.” Which, frankly, is just as silly as considering them valid.


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