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Are any of the following able to be achieved through witchcraft?

by Brad:

take control of ones mind/ heal the sick/ change a man to a woman/ drain one of their energy/summon a sexual entity?

Answer by Daphne
Yes. Go to spellsofmagic.com or just buy a book of shadows. You could also go to an occult shop to figure out some good spells, but with the right spells, all of that is possible, although if you do something wrong, it could have some seriously disastrous results, so be VERY careful.


  • no-take control of ones mind
    depends-heal the sick
    no-change a man to a woman
    no-drain one of their energy
    No, most sexual entities you read about were made to explain why wet dreams happened-summon a sexual entity?

    Witchcraft is about improving/finding yourself and your spiritual abilities. Other branches of witchcraft deal with improving the environment, animal rights, and humanitarian. Many witches/wiccans that take their religion seriously are not going to concentrate much on any of your suggestions since most of them are against hurting people and animals. Most of what you see on tv is false and nearly everything you hear about witchcraft in church is nothing but slander.

  • Most people shouldn’t bother with witchcraft. Many religious teachers banned people from doing certain things, like Buddha forbidding the monks to perform miracles after the bowl incident. At some point many of them decided it would be too dangerous or unhealthy to ones spiritual path, and therefore did not allow use of such powers. Too many people were and still are incapable of controlling their selfish tendencies. If you do decide to use such powers remember one thing…karma spares no one.

  • 1. Take control of one’s mind: Witchcraft allows you to take control of your own mind. The only way it can be used to take control of another’s mind is by knowing how to be very convincing, and the other person has to be open to belief or suggestion in the first place. For instance, you can tell someone, “I’ve put a hex on you!” That person would then either dismiss it as hogwash, and there would be no effect, or they might start to believe it. Even if you didn’t really put a hex on them, and they started to believe it, they might start noticing that everything is going wrong. It’s more about psychology than magic, though. (Personally, I would never do that to someone, for the record. It’s just an example.)

    2. Heal the Sick: Yes, it can be used to heal the sick.

    3. Change a man to a woman: No, it can’t be used to change a man to a woman. I’m afraid you need surgery and hormone treatments for that. And even then, the change isn’t genuine.

    4. Drain one of their energy: It’s possible to do this, yes. But not recommended. Psychic/emotional vampires do exist, and they are not fun to be around.

    5. Summon a sexual entity: I call that ‘fantasizing.’

  • No – while you may be able to temporarily give another the illusion you want them to have, it won’t be permanent, their subconscious desires will eventually win out over your desires…the only person you can ever have complete control over is yourself.

    Yes – though witchcraft will not cure a disease, but it certainly can help heal or in cases of terminal illness, it can aid the patient in relieving the pain and discomfort of common side-effects and such.

    No – only major surgery can do that.

    No – you may be able to transfer energy in and out of a person to a point, but you can’t drain a person of ALL their energy – basically that would be killing them…if you want to kill someone, not that I recommend it, there’s easier methods than witchcraft.

    If you mean an Incubus or Succubus – this witch doesn’t believe in demons.

  • You can’t control someone’s mind.
    You can help someone get better.
    You can’t change genders.
    You can’t drain energy.
    You can’t summom any sexual entities, but you can cause arousal ;]

    Hope I helped.

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