I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga for awhile now, and I can get into a pretty deep altered state very easily. Recently, while meditating by candle light, and with my eyes open, I saw a bright flash of blue light, not directly in front of my gaze, but just to the side of me. I am not talking about a pin point flash like you sometimes get normally (which is related to neurons firing if I remember correctly) but this was about 2 feet in height and about 1 foot wide, and ovoid in shape.

Now, I am not the type to be frightened by supernatural / mystical experiences as I have had Out-Of-Body Experiences all my life (they happened on their own,…. for all you people against the Occult!) But I was not exactly expecting to physically see something like this during meditation, and was just wondering what it was or if anyone else experienced it before. It didn’t scare me, but it caught me off guard and I lost it right away as soon as I turned my head to bring it into direct line of sight.

I read that ether (etheric level which is a part of the physical… like an overlay, and science is even trying to prove it’s existence… so athiests, please don’t say it’s hogwash!) Anyway I read ether is seen as blue physically and some people see a blue mist (natural seers and people who meditate) but this was definitely not a vague mist… it was a definite ovoid shape of considerable size… and BRIGHT like an electrical flash!


  • This is really something to discus about.
    It was just last night, I was sitting in seiza posture and was closing my eyes as like always for meditation. But all of a sudden when all my thoughts and emotions were disappearing, I saw this bright light, it did not scare me but it did take me off guard, that was the first time I had such an experience in all my life. I think it was some kind of Third eye stuff that the wise one use to speak about, but I was not sure, may be that was our source from where we came to existence.

  • I have a real question. Sometimes when i am trying to sleep i will see white or orange lightining (that’s the best way i can dicribe it) and vivid shapes will start to appear, i want to know what that means but i can’t really find anything about it.

  • I have many experiences of paranormal activity so to speak, since I was a young child I am now in my 30s and joined a spiritual circle about a yr ago since then I have more clearer experiences, seeing spirits and hearing them. For years I have heard loud banging as I fall asleep even thou my house and street is silent as I get up to check I have recently started seeing flashes of white light when im laying in bed as if someone has a flash camera I sit up and look round my room is covered in white mist and im boiling hot?? Thanks

  • It certainly seems that many of us have experienced bright lights, sometimes during meditation and sometimes not. For me the Bright Light has announced itself for about the past year and a half, almost every time I meditate and sometimes during my sleep. It began as the blue light so many people report here, and lately has been completely white. Initially I perceive the Bright Light as a pinpoint with radiant beams. Gradually it grows in intensity and size until it consumes my entire perception. Equanimity meditation has helped me to accept the experience so that it lasts more for than a moment. I add that in 1988 I had a near death experience that featured the same Bright Light (only more so!) emanating immense love. I understand now that when I meditate and I see the Bright Light it is the One. Certainly I do not know where any of this is going, but rather I accept and count my blessings to be awakening.

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