The past two years I have been having these strange experiences. First time I had something happening to me was I was in the kitchen home alone. I was doing dishes then all of sudden I felt like someone was watching me and this overwhelming feeling (kinda like a memory or a certain “vibe” that you get when you walk into a room filled with angry people) that this person or thing that was watching me could hurt me badly but won’t. It got to the point of me breaking down in tears and leaving the house. My second experience was hanging out at my friend Mike’s house in his room in the basement. I started getting that same memory feeling that a woman was telling me that Mike was hers and that I needed to leave, a sort of jealousy feeling. So i left and two months later I told mike and he told me that’s weird because he’s had friends stay in his room and see a woman sitting in the corner of his room looking at him. My most recent experience was just a couple days ago, I was upstairs at my house and I had the same feeling someone was there with me so I even asked, “Is anyone there?” I then started feeling very dizzy to the point of almost passing out and another memory played of someone asking me to spend time with them so I went down stairs and the feeling immediately left and I was fine. I feel like I’m crazy but I need some sort of advice because I have a very sound state of mind and I don’t understand why this keeps happening.


  • well there is a such thing as restless spirits and i guess the one with your friend is still trying to hold on to something that she cant have. all you have to do is pray. ask the lord to help you with this problem. your not crazy ok (-:

  • The least likely explanation is “psychic/medium experiences.” I’m not even aware of anyone who has successfully attached such claims to reality. If you’re predisposed to jump to such conclusions as it is, I would surmise that your imagination is running away with you.

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